Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Searching for Another Hitler

At a rally in Orlando, Florida, Trump playfully told people in the audience to hold up their hand and pledge to vote for him in the primary. When the people playfully took part in the show, members of the media compared their raised hands to the "Hitler salute." Really?

At another rally, Trump told members of his audience that "if you see someone about to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of him." Hitler? Sounds more like Archie Bunker to me.

Americans like to compare anyone they dislike to Hitler. They called Obama, "Hitler." They compared Iraq's Saddam Hussein to Hitler, and Iran's current regime to the Third Reich.

Let's get real: Hitler was a mega-racist; perhaps the greatest racist of all time. Trump is not a racist at all, except that he comes from America, whose every citizen is, somehow, touched by an ingrained racism that spans half a millennium.

Trump's New York is the most racially-diverse city on Earth. If he were a racist - considering his outspoken celebrity - we would have known about it long before now. He does not hate African-americans, nor Hispanics, nor Asians. He only dislike those who are here illegally, or who try to enter the country illegally. That makes him a nationalist. H-u-u-g-e difference.

Now, they are calling ISIS, Hitler. They compare ISIS' genocide against Christians in the Middle East to Hitler's genocide against the Jews. Really? ISIS is an equal opportunity killing machine. They kill everybody: Jews, Muslims (Sunni and Shiite), and any Christian who gets in their way. They killRussians, Germans, Americans, Brits, Chinese, and the French. They kill Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah. (Come to think of it, they do sound like Hitler, except they are missing the most important component: military might.)

At best, ISIS has 50,000 fighters. Hitler had an army of five million disciplined soldiers - men who brought an area over four millions square miles - stretching from Paris to the outskirts of Moscow - under his control. ISIS has killed thousands. Hitler's troops killed 20 million Russians, alone.

So, just stop it. There are no Hitlers in the world today, just like there are no Abraham Lincoln.