Monday, March 26, 2012

The Great Assassin

Our president, Mr. Obama, has become a great assassin. We, the American people, will be held accountable.

A few months ago, President Obama - with his drone strike force - had Anwar al-Awlaki assassinated. A few days later, he assassinated al-Awlaki's 21 year-old son in the same manner. That son was just a kid! We will go too far; perhaps we have already gone too far.

Are no other Americans sickened by our purposeful killing of a 21 year-old? Whatever his guilt, was he so guilty as to warrant an execution on the spot?

They say he was a militant. So? There are militants in every city on Earth, including every American city. Militants are come by naturally in human society. Many of the young African-Americans who waged a struggle against racial injustice in America were militants. America's own minutemen were militants - standing guard against British oppression. Native American braves were militants. They stood up to the "new" Americans' inexorable encroachment onto their lands.

Today, we assassinated 21 year old Yemeni for being a militant in his own land. Have we become the Mafia. Has Obama become Don Ciccio, the Sicilian boss of Godfather II who, having killed Antonio Andolini, sought to kill all of Andolini's sons lest they see vengeance for their father's death?

Mr. Obama, You stand accused of the murder of a 21 year-old. I draw the line here. Will no other American do the same?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Let Your Sister Play

When we were boy, we owned the outdoors. We fished, fought, climbed trees, and cross swamps; we hunted, and trapped; we fashioned every weapon imaginable and then tested them upon each other. We pitted antes and waged acorn wars. Then, our mother would holler out of the back door, "Let you sister play."

"Oh, mom…"

Well, the girls want in, again. They want - and will be allowed for the first time - to box in the Olympics. They want to be stationed on the front lines in our wars so that they can advance themselves by killing and dying.

On the home front, the older women have set their sights on younger men. Some of these women have axes to grind. They want to chase like the boys chased. They call themselves "cougars" - these nouveau chasers - and they will take down boys. Their dynamics here - no pun intended - are absolutely screwed.

Older men have always chased younger women. It was no big deal because the women controlled the situation. the man would say, "Come sit on my lap." The young lady would say, "Get lost." No harm, no foul. That man is working at a 10% success rate, at best. In the end, reputations are saved simply because the lady said "No" - "no", as in no diseases, no pregnancies, no regrets.

Comes the "cougar". When she says, "Sit on my lap," the young guys come a'runnin. Her success rate is phenomenal - that young man will not say "No." Follow, the deluge; there may be arrests.

Certainly, women should enjoy many of the same opportunities as men. But there are limits to what society can legislate; limits to what women should do. It may be a simple matter of biology. For instance, women want to drink like men, but they are not built for that - they lack the muscle mass necessary to absorb the punishment alcohol inflicts. They go down quickly, and more completely. Once down, some get raped. When men get smashed, they end up on somebody's floor.

Once, after a beach party, I returned to the scene the following morning and found a lone reveler face down in the sand. How was he able to breath, I do not know. I did not try to wake him. I simply turned his face to one side so that he could breathe. Man's game.

There is a limit to how deeply women should go into the pool. A man can walk from one end of this country to the other, and the worst that might befall him is that he is chased by a dog. A women cannot walk around the block at night. It has nothing to do with politics; it is biology Women are wanted; men are not.

And speaking of cougar-dom: It may be the most backward, upside-down social experiment ever - the equivalent of people growing younger as they age. Here, the woman presumes that she has turned the tables on man by replicating his rakish behavior. It it is respect she seeks, she will not get it - not like the men who notch the names of women on their bedposts like gunslingers once boasted notches on their belts.

The cougar's conquest of young men, by contrast, is hollow because there is little, if any, resistance. She is being used, and everyone knows it. Only now, she seeks her debauching, when before she guarded against it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

One Moment in Time

She was at the height of her powers. In was 1991, and Whitney Houston had just belted out "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Super Bowl. and with that rendition, it was like she had absolved all of the people before and after her - those who had tried to sing our national anthem, and had mangled it. She seem to have spoken these kind words to all of them, and to all of American: "Don't worry. I got this." And in that moment, she assured us that through countless renditions, hers shall echo unvexed across the ages.

The following year, Whitney sang "I'll Always Love You" in the movie, "The Bodyguard." She added "I Have Nothing," and "All The Man I Need." Out of that brief window, songs exploded from her physical and emotional frame. Never had a singer opened her mouth so confidently and then let it out so well.

She and Bobby Brown had recently married. And, for all of his faults, Whitney may never have hit those heights had it not been for Bobby and the brief moment of unbridled happiness he gave to her. he may have been the one who stretched those doors wide so that great voice could get out.

After that moment, it was all downhill - not immediately, of course, but soon. In subsequent years, when Whitney called on that voice, it would not come out. Could it be, because she was no longer as happy, it was no longer as sure?

Thank God she had that "One Moment In Time." Now, we all have it, and will love her for that…always.