Friday, August 22, 2008

My Daddy Was A Body Slammer

My daddy was a body-slammer
But more than that to me
He'd tell a tale as soon as bat a ball
or fell a tree

And with those hands I've seen him build
Outhouses out of sand
And often wondered:
As a child, were you sill a man?

And was there any sense at all
In waiting for the rest?
When to this world you gave your all
For sure, you gave your best

And though we feel cheated, still
It's life a summer's day
That pretty soon shall find its end
You went and chose your way

And no different than the man he was
Is the man he'll ever be
We know him - all - by many names
But most by "Marion C."

And in his wake, we'll seek to live
For living is a must
And, yes, he was a body slammer
But more than that to us.

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