Friday, September 26, 2008

Bound for Alaska

The number one rule of Robert Greene's "48 Laws of Power" is: Never outshine the Master. John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, has already broken it. At a campaign rally in Ohio, just the other day, when Palin gave up the podium to McCain, people began to leave the room.

Here is the disconnect between the McCain campaign and the people who would vote for him: They like McCain just barely; they like Palin a lot. But, alas, she is only to be his vice-president. Many people seem to think there is more in store for her than for the others - those who have disappeared, many not so mysteriously, into the night. But no, there is less. If you thought other VP's were invisible, you haven't see anything until you see Palin get "bunkerized."

If McCain wins, Palin just as well move back to Alaska. People will not see her, not hear her, except on ceremonial occasions, and on the occasional Sunday morning talk show. McCain is playing time with a fiddle, hoping that he can keep the wool pulled down over the people's eyes - dangling the bait, as it is - long enough to get in. If he is elected, Palin goes back in the box.

"Enough is enough," he shall declare. (He will be talking about Palin hogging the light.)

John McCain thinks he is a rock star - he has always considered himself to be a rock star, and always will, no matter how decrepit he gets. The truth: there are only two rock stars in this election: Obama and Palin. Hilary used to be a rock star, but those days are gone. Haven't you noticed? Even her hair has fallen.

Now they are asking Hillary to campaign for Obama. Sorry, folks, it won't work. Hillary is a tragic figure now; it pains the very people she would convince to even look her way.

Back to Palin: Get your looks in now. Win or lose, she is on her way back to Alaska.

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