Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Published: The King of Pearl

The King of Pearl is now available. Order your copy today!

Here is a quick overview to wet your appetite:

Sirius Boa has night sight-an uncanny way of affixing to inanimate objects that which lets him see them in the dark. He first became aware of this talent during a midnight raid on a chicken coop. As he matured, he honed this faculty until he could imbue an ottoman with the aura he once bestowed upon anthills. He calls it, "giving breath, then space."
He has other talents besides-he can discern faint whisperings. But it is his night sight that will guide him in his battle against the terrible dark that has descended upon the Rouen countryside.

This is the story of Sirius Boa, an American called to Rouen to help heal a stricken friend. It is the story of Giselda, the mysterious Gypsy he befriends, and of Madame de la Plume, doleful mistress of the magnificent and tragic Briand estate.

This is the story of a haunting, and of an entity that has existed upon the plains of central France for millennia. It is the story of two people who find each other in the midst of this haunting, and of a third person who is part lover, part hater, and part key to their very survival.


Anonymous said...

Very good, keep on keeping with
your writing

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sirheads said...

Hey there Lace, this is KNUCKLEHEAD, your little cousin in California...I just got word of your blog...I have too much to say to you that can be posted in this blog, but I just want to say that I'm very proud of you and I am a writer of sorts myself (will explain in upcoming letter, with pictures ), anyway Nonnie, Syl, Lynne and Momma all say hello and send their undying love...Tico has given me your mailing information so you will hear from me soon and a lot more often...I'll also be posting more blogs so keep an eye out....Peace and Love...Rob...

nibb'ole said...

Yo Cuz, Tico. I ordered the book through Borders...its been 10 days. Just wanted to holla at you Bro. Outstanding blog...stay encouraged.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Larry! Gosh! What can I say? I am so doggone proud of you! I take you with me everywhere that I go. I'm always talking about you. My piece, The Writer's Eye is everyone's favorite piece in my book and I always mention you as the friend and inspiration behind that piece. I haven't purchased your book yet, but it's the first thing on my list this pay day right after tithes and offering. (smile) I love you and your letter is soon to be in the mail. God bless you! Keep writing my friend!