Monday, January 5, 2009

It Burns...

There is a reason why insiders write "tell-all" books once they are on the outside: The truth - it burns in them. That explains why so many people who serve presidents faithfully, upon their release, write books that contradict the times they lived as loyalists. Expected to toe an absolute line, every word out of their mouths is pro-administration, whether they believe those words or not. Then, they are set free.

Though they may have sounded like robots before, these people have always been human; they just could not prove it. Protocol superseded their humanity. Still, the fire burned - it will always burn until they do what they must do.

Governor Palin is about to be offered millions to tell the story of her failed vice presidential bid. Condoleeza Rice will soon be dong a "tell-all" of her own.

Let them; let them tell it all. And let us think differently of these people - they who must "tell" let they die on fire. Let us view these desperate souls in their better light, and not call them "traitors" like before, but call them "freed people."

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