Sunday, May 10, 2009

We Don't Get It (We just dish it out)

Central Asia is a tinderbox, and no nation in the region is as volatile as the nuclear-armed Pakistan. So, what does America do? America brings Pakistan the last thing Pakistan needs—money.

Of all places to pour money, America pours it on a country already afire—at a clip of six-million-dollars-a-day. Money. It is America’s answer to all peoples’ problems—money (and guns.) Yes, the guns follow the money, (or precede); it does not matter. Both are an offering desperate people cannot refuse.

What’s wrong with money? It complicates. And the last thing the people of Pakistan need is more complications. For one thing, money divides people (even more so than they are already divided), especially when it is free. The people who get the money are not just resented because they get it and others don’t. That they get it at all means they probably did ( or will do) something that the people who did not get it would not do.

Those who get the money in Pakistan were distrusted before. Now that they have taken money from “the Great Satan,” they are trusted even less.

We are raising the temperature in the hottest spot on Earth; we do it with our money and our guns. We can sure dish it out. We just don’t get it.

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