Monday, August 2, 2010

Twitter This

With all of the e-mails and facebook, the i-phones, i-pads, and i-pods, you would think we would have grown closer to one another. But we haven’t; we are further apart.

This great technology boom has been a bust in real terms. We are no better at running our businesses, at trading our goods, nor at employing our people.

We put fancy computers into our schools, but our children are no smarter. They learn how to “Search” and “Insert,” but they don’t learn how to read and write. They can twitter, but they can’t spell. We will spend $500 for a computer for each student when all they really need is a book, pencil, and a piece of paper…oh and some discipline. They need to learn how to sit still and listen.

Most of all, these technological wonders have not strengthened our relationship with the people who matter most in our lives. Moreover, I offer that we have weakened our relationships—undermined the very soul of all relationships: trust.

Instead of having faith in our last conversation before our children go off to school and our spouses go off to work, we seek the continuous assurance that text messages provide. We are more dependant than ever, and less free.

If I were in the world, I would ban all visitors from bringing cell phones into my home. If you came with one, you would have to check it at the door, or leave. As you leave, I would suggest that you would go home and turn the cell phone off. Then listen to the most unique and beautiful sound of all—the sound of your family.

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