Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here's An Idea: Let's Use Their Idea

President Obama is touting a plan to set aside $60 - 70 billion for a high-speed rail network. I think we should hold off on that.

High-speed rail is already being done, in Europe, for sure. Apparently, it works okay, but it is not revolutionary; it is not futuristic. we should be thinking bigger - looking to do what no other nation is doing, rather than investing in what amounts to an upgrade of Amtrak. (Where is the clamor for that?)

Besides, $70 billion might not sound like much to Mr. Obama, but to us lowly taxpayers, that's a lot of school books. Better we spent it on a new idea.

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Anonymous said...

Maaannn! If I'm dealin' on a $trillion$ level (especially debt level, billion(s) is measly, but what does it really matter to the daddy big bucks of the west...we'll keep workin' & payin' (taxes) into the machine, and that's a fact regardless of all the yakkity-yak! I say more harsh policies for politicians (local ones on up to capital hill) for accountability of OUR treasure. That's right, $60-$70 billion could bailout some schools...HBCs particularly. Keep Bangin'it Out Cuz! Tico