Monday, March 26, 2012

The Great Assassin

Our president, Mr. Obama, has become a great assassin. We, the American people, will be held accountable.

A few months ago, President Obama - with his drone strike force - had Anwar al-Awlaki assassinated. A few days later, he assassinated al-Awlaki's 21 year-old son in the same manner. That son was just a kid! We will go too far; perhaps we have already gone too far.

Are no other Americans sickened by our purposeful killing of a 21 year-old? Whatever his guilt, was he so guilty as to warrant an execution on the spot?

They say he was a militant. So? There are militants in every city on Earth, including every American city. Militants are come by naturally in human society. Many of the young African-Americans who waged a struggle against racial injustice in America were militants. America's own minutemen were militants - standing guard against British oppression. Native American braves were militants. They stood up to the "new" Americans' inexorable encroachment onto their lands.

Today, we assassinated 21 year old Yemeni for being a militant in his own land. Have we become the Mafia. Has Obama become Don Ciccio, the Sicilian boss of Godfather II who, having killed Antonio Andolini, sought to kill all of Andolini's sons lest they see vengeance for their father's death?

Mr. Obama, You stand accused of the murder of a 21 year-old. I draw the line here. Will no other American do the same?

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