Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teachings & Typhoons

She looked to be about 15 - the Filipino girl who sat in the rubble of super typhoon Haiyan and grieved for her family.

Her mother had been a doctor; her father an accountant. Both were dead, along with the rest of her family. All that remained of them was she and her little brother. Between sobs, she said to the American news correspondent covering the disaster, "I only want to be like my mother." He said, "Be a doctor?" She shook her head: "Be a great mother."

We don't get it. We think it is about us (adults) and our fancy careers - about fun and fame and fortune; we think it is about sex, and money. It is not. It is about the children. (They do not know this.) It is up to us to know - and more importantly, act like we know. We do that by raising them well; by joining in their lives.

Again:  It is about the children. Teach them discipline and respect, and - whether rich or poor - your family will prosper. And the future of this nation will be in good hands.  

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Lisa Eddie-Rimpson said...

Absolutely! It's always been about the children. We have a great responsibility to them.