Monday, October 5, 2015

Fight, Or Die a Thousand Deaths

The Republicans ridicule President Obama for having recruited and trained only 54 moderate Syrian rebels to fight for their country. The problem is not with our president. Has anyone noticed that 75% of those fleeing Syria appear to be young men? How is it that, when foreign men (ISIS) invade a country because they want to make it their own, that the young men of that country flee to lands a thousand miles away?

Did the Native Americans flee when the Europeans came? No, they stood and fought. Did the colonist flee when the “Redcoats” came? No, they stood and fought. Would my sons and I flee? No, we would fight. 

Today, literally tens of thousands of young Syrian men can be seen streaming out of Syria to avoid fighting for it. And the detractors laugh that Obama could not find more than 54 of them to fight. Why should Obama have to find any? It is the young Syrian men who should be seeking to find themselves. If they can manage that, they should look into the mirror to see if there is any courage there. 

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