Monday, February 1, 2016

In Bizzarro World, the Unlikeliest is Likely

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have a problem. Both entered this presidential campaign as the likely nominees for their respective parties. Both are "establishment" candidates in a year when the establishment is scorned.

Jeb, who is polling at 4% in national polls (while his most formidable opponent, Donald Trump, is polling around 30%), could be on the verge of getting his walking papers. Hillary's numbers, too, are slipping. Fortunately for Hillary, her chief opponent, Bernie Sanders, is a 73 year-old, self-proclaimed socialist. Unfortunately for Hillary, the FBI is investigating her for improprieties in her handling of classified emails. They are also looking in the possibility that she may have used her position as head of the State Department to peddle influence with foreign entities on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. An unlikely indictment would likely derail her presidential hopes, clearing the path for the first socialist to head a major party ticket. Waiting for him could be an unlikely Republican nominee in the person of the inimitable Donald Trump.

Imagine, America's top capitalists going toe-to-toe against its pre-eminent communist. In the land of the "Almighty Dollar - Mean Green!"  it is likely "The Donald" would blow the old Bolshevik right out of his troika. Except, 'tis the season of the unlikely.

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