Monday, October 20, 2008

Get the Shotgun!

Sarah Palin is quite a woman...she is just out of touch with America. Her insistence that two 17 year olds marry because one of them comes up pregnant is right out of the...Middle Ages...of America. We don't do that to our children anymore - pretend that they are adults and, therefore "ready," simply because one makes the other pregnant. For one thing, 17 year olds today are not what they were 50 years ago. Today's 17 year old is more like yesterday's 14 year old.

Perhaps it is a cultural thing. Perhaps they still do that in Alaska. Okay. That's cool. I like Alaska. But it's not cool when you bring that kind of talk down to the lower contiguous states.

Sarah, let's talk: I'm not mad at you. I like that good "old time religion." But it does not play the same down here. What I'm saying is: We are not going back. John McCain is an "old dog," and you, Sarah, are old-fashioned. Neither of you the future America. He marches in beat with, not only what is the natural rhythm of this country, but with it inevitable destiny.

You are beautiful, Sarah - a natural governor...of Alaska. That great state is fortunate to have you your fine family. But America moves in a different direction. Barack Obama understands this.

Whether you and McCain defeat Barack Obama or not, it will still be Barack's vision that prevails. All that you and McCain can do is slow America down; you cannot stop it.

America will move in Barack's direction with or without Barack Obama. It will move in Barack's direction with or without Palin and McCain.

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