Monday, October 13, 2008

Wall Street - Shop of Horrors

"...Then everything shall include itself into power, power into will, will into appetite, and appetite, a universal wolf so doubly seconded with will and power that must make perforce a universal prey, and last eat up himself...
- Shakespeare, "Troilus and Cressida"

Wall Street is hungry. It wants money. And America's business and political leaders are frantic to feed it.

It all reminds me of the Hollywood classic, "The Little Shop of Horrors," when the man-eating plant cries out, "Feed me." Today, this modern shop of horrors we refer to as Wall Street is crying out, "Feed me...feed me, or else." It wants that 700 million dollars, and it wants it now! To make its point, when denied its sustenance on Monday by those "awful people on Capitol Hill," it gobbled up 1.2 trillion dollars itself - gone! Feed me.

Wall Street will get its money because the people in charge of the money are afraid of Wall Street. And the big shots that got rich before will get rich later. That money is theirs - they know it - and they are already formulating their strategies to get it. Forget about the taxpayer. When he signs over that 700 billion to Wall Street, that is the last he will ever see of it.

It is time the lowly taxpayer returned to his senses - stop trying to be that which you are not. Start thinking of yourselves - not in terms of Wall Street and fat cats, but in terms of real life and real ideals. Become more self-sufficient. Let Wall Street do what Wall Street does - parade itself around as the picture of prosperity, when in fact it is the picture of greed. Let the illusion be.

It is time real people began to earn real dollars again by doing real work - by saving, by sacrificing, and by denying themselves that which they want but do not need. Don't let Wall Street devour you. Let it devour itself; it will. Your job will be to keep your family at a safe distance.

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