Monday, March 2, 2009

Cowards, Followers, and Fools

On January 28, 2009 Republicans in the House voted against President Obama's stimulus package 177-0. The following day, the Illinois Senate voted 59-0 to remove Governor Blagojevich from office. About the same time, another shut out occurred, one that completes the trifecta.

Seems a local office worker wrote a book. As is customary - that is, as a courtesy to his co-workers, he posted a notice on the bulletin board. (To have done otherwise would have been rude.) It turns out that out of an office of 44 other employees, not a single one uttered a single word of congratulations. 0-44. That, folks, is what we call a "January hat trick."
So, what gives? 0-177, 0-59, 0-44. Are you serious?

How is it that not a single Republican congressman supported Obama? Certainly, there was one, two, (at least 20) whose districts stand to benefit directly and immediately from the package. Another ten must like Obama. Still another ten must wonder that the entire package can work. Yet, they all said "no." Why? ("How?" might be a better question.)

And what of Blagojevich? He was a Democratic Governor in a traditionally Democratic state presiding over a Democratic legislature. Yet, they all turned their back on him. Surely, there must have been one, two, (at least 10) whom he campaigned for, endorsed, or in some other way helped to elect. Certainly five of them, at least, must have benefited from his favors. Was there not one among the 59 who simply liked the man with the thick, dark curls? Not a one. Why? (Better yet, how?).

Then there is the curious case of the writer who went 0-44. He is special because he is one of us - average "Joe" trying to do something noteworthy before he dies. Yet, all that is worth noting is that no one of his fellow average "Joes" gave a damn.

Cowards, followers, and fools. If that is the absolute majority of us, then we are in deep trouble.

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