Monday, March 9, 2009

They Are Still Gods

There are terrorists among us - econo-terrorists - whose crimes against the state amount to treason. Yet, we do not lock them up - we pay them, in fact because they know money.

Nothing scares us like losing our money. These econo-terrorists take our money while holding over us the prospect that if we give them more money, they can undo the damage.

We succumb to that "illogic" out of greed. (It certainly cannot be out of mercy. We have no mercy for those who commit "crimes." We hold more people in prison than all other nations on earth, and in many of out states, we keep them longer than the law allows. No mercy there; no mercy anywhere, except where there is no money.)

Amazingly, these people do not promise to get our money back. they seem, rather, to promise that if we give them more, they may squander more - call it "good business" - but in the end, they will make us money from the ransom paid, so much so, that we will forgive their transgressions and feel rich again.

That is what we want - we want to feel rich again; (we despise poverty). It not "feel rich," we at least hope to feel the illusion of wealth, which is credit. And they have the credit; they have the credit kings.

No one can give credit like the big banks and money lenders - the Wachovias and Bear Stearns' of the world. They are giants. Among us, they stride like Greek gods. Even in disgrace, these gods reek of wealth, and we remain infatuated by their mere names.

Wake up, Americans! These people knew what they were doing to America's economy; they are not fools. They knew the housing bubble - which was the levy that held back this perfect storm - would burst. It was inevitable to the trained eye; especially to the instincts of men and institutions who breathe money.

We trust them anyway. Why? Because they are gods. They protect our money; they make us more money; they are money incarnate.

We are burned now; many of us are razed. Yet, we still believe. Faith, sad faith.

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