Thursday, October 20, 2016

America, Your Vote is You

As much as I admire our First Lady, Michelle Obama, I winced when she told a crowd of millennials that a vote for third party candidate, Gary Johnson, is a “wasted vote.”  Where she should have been uplifting those young people, she chose to bully them instead.

The beauty of democracy lies in the ability of every single voter to dream, to imagine that his or her vote holds magic; that maybe… just, maybe…

Imagine 34% of the electorate ignoring Bill, Barack, Biden, and Bernie, and the other “shrill, shills for Hill,” end deciding on Election Day, “I will vote for whom I chose.” Is it not possible to catch “lightning in a bottle;” might not millions of Americans look at those two dinosaurs – Trump and Clinton – and say to themselves, “Too old, too dishonest.” Imagine they then decide to vote for Jill (Stein) or Gary (Johnson).

Might not this be the time to make America a true democracy, and throw off the shackles of a two-party system that increasingly leaves Americans holding their noses while they vote? Instead of voting for whom the polls command them to vote, might not it be time for Americans to take that vote in hand and declare: “This vote is mine!”

When “Hill’s shills” tell American voters that there are only two options – Hillary, or utter dissipation – they harpoon the very magic that makes democracy the dynamic force it is meant to be. 

Listen, America; especially you young people:  Your vote is you.  It is an irresponsible vote only when you deny your conscience, and put someone else in charge of it. You must believe. Otherwise, democracy is a farce, a failed experiment. 

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