Monday, November 21, 2016

The "Machado" Card

Hillary Clinton, the self-proclaimed "champion of women's rights", has pulled out her "Machado card", again. Ms. Machado is the Venezuelan beauty queen infamously slammed by Donald Trump for "getting fat" back in 1991 when he was owner of the pageant. Hillary introduced Machado to Americans at the first presidential debate, seeking to highlight Trump's abusive treatment of women. That swipe sent Trump into a week-long rant.

On November 1, Hillary used Machado again - this time, asking the young lady to introduce her (Hillary) at an Ohio rally. One CNN correspondent described Hillary's actions (rather benignly) as "seeking to bait Trump" - to get under his thin skin, again, and send him off on another tangent.

What appears to go unnoticed is Hillary's cynicism. Her dangling of Machado in front of Trump reminds one of how a matador manipulates a red cape to incite a bull. In essence, Hillary is exploiting Machado in real time - doubling down on the poor woman's victimhood, using the spectacle of Machado's public shaming for her (Hillary's) political gain.

That isn't all of the damage Hillary has done to women, (or inspired them to do to themselves); especially women of color in this campaign.

Debbie Wasser-Schulz, the Hispanic-American congresswoman from Florida, was forced to step down as Democratic National Committee chairperson for wrongs she committed against Bernie Sanders in her over-zealous effort to pave the way for Hillary.

Donna Brazile, an African-American, and CNN analyst who replaced Wasserman-Schulz as DNC chairperson, was ignominiously fired this past week by CNN for stealing primary debate questions from the network and passing them on to Hillary prior to her primary debate against Sanders. When Fox News' Megan Kelly called Brazile out on her indiscretions, Brazile became indignant, and declared: "I'm a Christian woman..." (mumbling some passage from the Bible), and then blamed the Russians.

Meanwhile, Huma Aberdeen, and Arab-American, and Hillary's "right-hand woman," is being chased by the FBI.

Nevertheless, a smiling Hillary stood before a crowd in Ohio and insured them that: "They (the FBI) have nothing on me."

For a moment - I swear - I got a glimpse of Al Capone. "Go Hill!"

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